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Hand Sanatizing Station
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Portable Hand Sanitization Station

Landgrebe Manufacturing is now offering a Portable Hand Sanitization Stand. The all-welded stand is designed to be used at any indoor or outdoor application. Its base has the capability of being bolted to a platform or staked into the ground; for security purposes. You can also adjust the height of the dispenser's platform, as well as bolt the Hand Sanitizer into place. Anchor Bolds or Ground Stakes are available and sold separately.  Minimal assembly is required.


Features & Benefits

- You can secure the Hand Sanitizer by locking it to the unit.

- The wheels allow the stand to be easily moved from one location to another.

- Its overall height is adjustable to fit your specific needs.

- The base is designed with leveling capability and can be bolted to a platform or staked to the ground for added security.

- Signage can easily be attached to the top of the frame through the pre-drilled bolt holes.

Unit:  $478.00

Ground Stakes or Bolt Kit: $45.00

(Shipping Based on Location)

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